Easy Money With 2 Dollar Scratch Tickets

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If you have a couple of bucks to invest in making serious money, then it's time to take a look at how easy it is to win 2 dollar scratch tickets. The games that are often times printed on these look rigged, but there are so many options that if you know a few tips and tricks, you will win more often than lose. Follow the steps we will show you here and you can't lose, it's that simple.

First and foremost, you will need to start playing the lottery. Play the simple games and test your luck, but don't take it too seriously at first. The process of doing this will require you to go to the same liquor or convenience store often. You will need to make a certain friendship with the clerk behind the counter. Be friendly, and be nice, but let them know you on a first name basis. Once you've established that relationship, you will be ready to move on.

The second step here is to ask the clerk behind the counter which tickets are coming out winners most often. If you are a trusted customer, they will be honest and tell you which ones have the most winners coming back to the store to claim prizes. Once you target that game, you will need to master it beyond others.

The third step here is to make sure that you're playing the best winning game, but not in the traditional sense. Instead of simply scratching and hoping you win, take a look at the face of the card and look for any marks. Often times the machines that press and make the tickets put a "winning" market on the tickets that will get you the most prize. This little know secret is one that is so subtle that only experts have found it. You need to seriously look, the signs are there, and once you establish which tickets are winners, you will never look back.

If you still have trouble with this, you could always look for a strategy guide that will show you step by step in print how to move forward with such a stellar movement forward. Do not think that it's impossible to make serious money with the lotto; it's actually easier than you think. If you treat the game as a business, you can't fail, but if you play it for "fun" be ready to lose often and never truly succeed.

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Easy Money With 2 Dollar Scratch Tickets

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Easy Money With 2 Dollar Scratch Tickets

This article was published on 2012/11/02